What Is CI Casting?

Welcome to GSL CASTING, world leading manufacturer and exporter of ci casting. we manufacturer all kinds of CI casting, here we are defining what is actually CI casting.

CI casting is actually cast iron. And cast iron belongs to a specialized group of iron and carbon alloys. The special carbon content is over 2%. This means it is practically derived from a relatively low melting point.The components of the alloy affect its color when cracking: white cast iron contains carbide impurities that create ways for the alloy to crack and flow through. And gray cast iron may possess graphite flakes that simulate the cracks. This initiates countless new cracks when the material breaks, and ductile iron is spherical graphite ” nodules ”that inhibit further fracture development.

Carbon (C) in an amount of 1.8 to 4 wt.%. And silicon (Si) 1-3 wt.% These are the main alloying ingredients of cast iron. Only the specific Iron alloys and a minimal amount of carbon are defined as steel. Cast iron is brittle, except for malleable cast iron. Due to the relatively low melting point, this relates to good fluidity. And this relates to excellent machinability, deformation resistance, and wear resistance.

Application of Cast Iron

Cast irons have become an engineered material with a wide range of applications and are used in pipes, machinery, and automotive parts. Typical applications are cylinder heads, engine blocks, and gearboxes. It is resistant to oxidation damage as well so this adds to its usefulness.

GSL CI Casting Manufacturer

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